Monday, November 1, 2010

Do Zippo Scents Make Sense?

What are some of the first things you think of when I say the word Zippo? Maybe you think of a lighter, a flame, or heat. Or maybe the words genuine or the Real McCoy come to mind. 

For me, those words are butane fuel.  I instantly get the sensation of a toxic, chemical smell that permeates my sinuses. It's not necessarily an awful smell but it definitely conjures up images of danger and the need for caution.

Given these visceral images, would it surprise you to know that Zippo has decided to introduce a men's cologne?  You know, a cologne that men put on to create an irresistible aura which attracts women to their sides like flies?

What? Really?

Yep, see for yourself. It's even packaged in a Zippo-like container.

While some may find the ruggedness of this brand alluring, my brain doesn't quite go there. I literally think of a man dousing himself in the smell of butane. Even this romantically-inspired new commercial doesn't help me draw the link between Zippo and men's cologne.

But, as I think about it, Zippo's intention may be to create a sense of danger with their new cologne. And, I must admit, I am curious .... curious enough that I may just take a gander through the fragrance section of Macy's to catch a whiff of this new cologne.

So maybe, Zippo has accomplished exactly what they intended to accomplish after all.

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