Sunday, November 14, 2010

Harvey Nichols: Fun For Fashionistas

London-based Harvey Nichols launches a charming print campaign that plays off their line of fashion accessories. The campaign includes six print ads, but two particularly struck my fancy.

In the first ad, Harvey Nichols warns you to buy a bottle of altitude sickness pills if you buy their leopard print mega-high heal shoes. With spikes this high, you may just need those pills.

If you buy the stylish coat pictured in ad #2, a can of pepper spray is suggested to ward off all the admirers that will flock to your side.

In case you are not particularly familiar with Harvey Nichols (as I was not), a look at their website quickly educates you on one clear fact: their designer clothes and accessories are not cheap.  A pair of high heeled leopard shoes ring up at 600 pounds, roughly $967.  And a coat that's similar to the one shown in the ad - about $959. Clearly, they're out of my league.

But, the high prices of their clothing and accessories only make this irreverent ad campaign all the more alluring to me. The playfulness of the ads suggests that Harvey doesn't take themselves too seriously; in a word, they're not fashion snobs. 

Something tells me that if I was playing in the same league as them, I might just be intrigued enough to take a gander through their stores ... online, of course, since I don't often find myself in London!

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