Friday, November 26, 2010

Glade Releases Holiday Magic

Glade brings the holidays to life in this charming holiday commercial.

The ad opens with a father and his young son building a snowman. Meanwhile, mom lights a Glade candle indoors ... and their home comes to life in magical ways. The reindeer cutout cookies get up off the cookie plate and fly away.  A ceramic Santa Claus slings a bag of toys over his shoulder and hops into his sleigh, only to fly away with the reindeer. As Santa flies past the window, you see the snowman created by dad and son come to life, waving through the picture window.

I love this ad. It brings a sense of childlike wonder to the holidays, helping to reinforce the message that a Glade candle can bring a touch of magic to your home this holiday season.

Thanks to S. C. Johnson and DraftFCB for ushering me into the holidays in a positively delightful way.


  1. what is the music in the commercial

  2. I can't say what the music is for sure but it sounds like something from the Nutcracker. Anyone else have any ideas?

    1. It's not from the nutcracker...sorry I'm not sure where it's from either

  3. From the website Q&A page on the music in that ad: It is actually a licensed piece called “Sleigh Ride,” composed and written by Frederick Delius in the late 1880s.

  4. I think this music is annoyingly cutesy and precious; I have to mute this commercial to avoid getting it stuck in my head as an "earworm." But I suppose it will attract people who like their houses to smell like "holidays" instead of fresh, clean air - which is exactly what the "family company" folks at SC Johnson are trying to do.

  5. This music seems to certainly strike a chord (get it?) with people and generate a bit of a bipolar response ... you either love it or hate it!

  6. I LOVE this ad and made the reindeer cookies a couple of years ago and they came out great..I played the video and did a print screen to give me a decorating guide. I just used a basic gingerbread dough...


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